Nested Duets (2022)

In Nested Duets, an ensemble of any size and kind can improvise with one or more laptops running a generative music app. The computer has two roles:  it provides possible pitch choices for the human performers and creates accompanying electronic sounds. The performance instruction is on the computer screen. 

DropBox Download: contains performance instructions and SuperCollider file

Performers: Kevin Declaire, Samuel Khalil, De'Andre Little, Jose Llanas, Logan Macka, Lucas Manther, James McCloskey, Joseph Mcelwain, Mal McNitt, Niko Poljanac-Leboeuf, Christopher Reid, Abby Thibodeau, Nathan Zonnevylle
Recording Team: Sinead Cassar, Kevin Declaire, Logan Macka, James McCloskey, Niko Poljanac-Leboeuf, Christopher Reid

Nested Duets was part of the 2022 Black Mountain College Radio Art program. 103.3 Asheville FM's Lucid aired the piece on December 12, 2022. Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State (EMEWS) thanks BMC and 103.3 Asheville FM for the opportunity!


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