Presentation at Miami University

Joo Won Park - Artist Talk 


What I do/ Who I am 

  • I am an electronic musician = composer + performer + instrument designer

  • I am interested in uniquely electronic sounds

  • I love sharing unrecordable electronic experiences (the Here And Now)

My Music Technology Practice

Solo Performances

    Page Turner’s Agony (2021) 

Cobalt Vase (2019) 

    Solo Sets 

Ensemble Performances

    Dubious Toppings (2019) 

    PS Quartet No. 1 (2017) 

    EMEWS Tour    

Virtual Interactions & Media Playback

    Computer Music Practice Examples (2020) 



    Magnets and Ghosts (2020) 


    A Dream Is a House for Remembering the Future (2022) 

        “HUMAN” (2022) 


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