Control Click Plus (2021)


Here's a recording of an updated version of Control Click. It is now playable with an electronic music ensemble!

Recorded at Dlectricity 2021 (9/25/2021) Joo Won Park, composer Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State, performers 

Sean Monaghan, Samuel Sprague, Patrick Norton, Martin Davis, Ian Haubert, Maritza Garibay, Darius Jackson-Jones, Alex Belfie, Alex MacColl-Artrip, Daniel Kozlowski, AnJel Mantel, Logan Macka 

Control Click Plus is an update of an old sound installation ( It is now performable with an ensemble of drum machines. EMEWS is following the below instructions cued by a conductor.

[0] Computer part starts. Stay muted at BPM 146 [1] Enter one by one (2-3 instruments, no BD) [2] Gradually add delays or effects [3] Stop Delay [4] Mute [5] Enter one by one [6] Sudden Delay [7] No Delay. Improvise freely. One person adds BD [8] Mute [9] Tutti [10] Gradually fade out/disintegrate [11] Fade in at BPM 73. No BD [12] End


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