Magnets and Ghosts (2020)


In this sound installation, the audience searches voices and songs in a room using electromagnetic detectors. Sound Installation by Joo Won Park (2020) Recorded at Light Box (11/16-11/17/2020) and Spread Art (11/23-11/24/2020) Magnets and Ghosts is a part of the 2019 Knight Arts Challenge. Program: Technology enables us to sense undetectable energy fluctuations; we do not see or feel electromagnetic fields in the air, but machines convert them into signals we can hear. I use electromagnetic transducers, sometimes known as ghost detectors, to create a sound installation that turns a room into a storyteller. When audiences approach a specific part of a structure with a "ghost detecting device," they can amplify a voice inaudible with naked ears. The installation has multiple electromagnetic fields embedded in different spots, and the audiences can create a piece of music by discovering these energy fields. For more information on Magnets and Ghosts, please visit


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