ISJS - New Collaborative Album

ISJS stands for I-Shim-Jun-Shim (이심전심, 以心傳心), a Korean word for "communicating through the hearts," or in my interpretation, "empathy." Featured sounds are recordings by collaborators, students, and family members. I often communicate with them without saying a word. The usual medium to do so is music, but sometimes it is a nod, smirk, sigh, eye contact, or eating in silence. You know.

In May, I asked seven people to send me three recordings for the project. I then made each track by processing those sounds through similar but individually customized algorithms.

Soon, ISJS App will be available to make your collage of things that make beeps and creaks.


released June 20, 2020


Darius Jones
Molly Jones
Alex Koi
Michael Malis
Kirk Pearson
Charles Shriner
Chien-An Yuan


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