New Album: Overundertone

My new album Overundertone now available to listen and buy. I'm quite happy to be a release 008 of NoRemixes Records. The tracks in the album are quite different from 100 Strange Sounds project since most of them are composed specifically for the recorded medium. But,  the influence of 100 Strange Sounds are all over the place (no-input mixer, Jonah synth, etc).

Here's the album description written by the label.

Joo Won Park received his PhD in Composition from the University of Florida and currently teaches on the faculty at the esteemed Oberlin College. Known for his series of YouTube video series entitled ‘100 Strange Sounds’, ‘Overundertone’ (his first for NOREMIXES) finds Joo Won Park expanding his sonic palette to a more melodic and often mathematical approach to composition.
Joo Won Park is mostly known in the composition world for working with the Supercollider programming language. The before mentioned ‘100 Strange Sounds’ finds the composer live-processing various objects and instruments with high levels of DSP. But on ‘Overundertone’, tracks like ‘Eyelid Spasm’, ‘Cross Rhythms’ and ‘Beft’ instead opt for mathematical renderings and algorithmic tone generation, a more hands off approach to composition than the scraping and striking of much of Joo Won ’s recent output.
There are other textures that develop across the release as well. ‘Three Corn Punch’ finds the composer utilizing a prepared Disklavier. (A video of the recording can be found on the NOREMIXES youtube page.) And ‘Snake and Ox’ utilizes a no-input mixing board to create feedback circuits, recorded live to computer . There’s also field recordings mixed into the palette with ‘10M to Fairmount’. Throughout, ‘Overundertone’ is held together by Joo Won’s use of melody which draws you into the pieces in distinct ways: sometimes hypnotic, other times sparse and playful.
And here's a promo video of a track in the album.  Enjoy!



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