New Album: Side Dish Side Affect

MCSD NetLabel just released my new album, Side Dish Side Affect. Please listen, share, and download the album. I have used many techniques i have learned in 100 Strange Sounds project. Below is the description of the album:

Side Dish Side Affect is an electroacoustic duo consisting of Joo Won Park and Charles Shriner aka dRachEmUsiK.  Both Charles and Joo Won like strange sounds and good food. The tracks were named after Korean side dishes. Some of these dishes sound a little exotic, but they taste great… once you get used to it.
Released 01 May 2014
Charles: Electronic Wind Instrument. MarSynth Morris Box, Morris Box 2 and WSB-b. Voice, various controllers, soft-synths, processing.
Joo Won: kalimba, melodica, no-input mixer, slinky, squeaky toys, electronic toothbrush, chain, egg shaker, piece of wood, rubber band, coin, plastic card, chatter teeth, windup toys, music box, recorder, coin, SuperCollider on Mac, no-input mixer
All tracks in this album were performed and recorded live on October 5th, 2013 at MCSD Studio in Indianapolis, IN.
Copyright 2014 Joo Won Park, Charles Shriner. Creative Commons Licensed BY-NC


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