1. Lego Blocks

I love to make electronic music with live sound processing techniques, because it makes familiar sound environment strange and beautiful. I want to be an expert of this style, and the only way to achieve this goal is to create many pieces. Thus, I am challenging myself to create 100 different live electronic pieces with different found objects and acoustic instruments. I will see how far I can go without using synthesizers, commercial plug-ins, or DAWs. 

Please check out my blog every week to see new posts, video, and sounds. As a starter, I would like to share my recent piece that inspired me to do this project.

Block Routine (July 2012)

Materials used: Duplo Big City Hospital, Duplo Deluxx Brick Box, Korg CM-100, AKG C3000, M-Audio FastTrack Pro MacBook Pro, SuperCollider


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    1. Thank you very much for watching it! I'll be performing this piece in NYC on April 8. www.nycemf.org


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