Notes and Comments : Remix EP

I write notes and comments in books, journals, and PDFs. Underlines and scribbles of my thoughts do not change the work, but they help me remember what I liked most about the work and the artist. The four tracks in this album are the sonic equivalent of notes and comments. I highlighted the most memorable characteristics while trying my best to preserve the intent of the original piece. The last track is not a remix, but it is my way to document a few good things about the summer of 2020.

The original tracks are

Alex Koi, Last Goodbye (2020)

Michael Malis, Imperfect Intervals IX - Gently, Freely (2021)

Molly Jones, Solar Wind (2020)

Jienan Yuan, Invisible Embrace (2021)

* All tracks were used with the permission of the composers/publishers. Profits made from the sale will be distributed to the remixed artists.
* Overall mix of the EP is relatively low and uncompressed for quiet listening.


released February 2, 2022

Molly Jones, Alex Koi, Michael Malis, & Jienan Yuan, composers
Joo Won Park, composer & remixer


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