Three Corn Punch - Post 100SS #1

Thank you for your ongoing support for 100 Strange Sounds. This project has made me a better electronic musician and opened many doors for me. I have been working on new projects (albums, theater show, dance show, etc), and I have recently finished a piece that is like a direct descendant of 100 Strange Sounds.

Three Corn Punch (2015) - for prepared Disklavier

I used a piece of clay, two pencils, a staff paper, and a slinky on Yamaha Disklavier (the most well-known automated piano that receives/plays MIDI).  The piano part is generated with SuperCollider in real-time. I had so much fun composing and playing this one (you can see me dance a little).

Three Corn Punch will probably be included in the album I'm working on for NOREMIXES label. Stay tuned.


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